Role of Women in Peacebuilding and Post-Conflict Transformation Africa

A Catholic Church Perspective.


  • Merab Ochieng The Catholic University of Eastern Africa


Peace negotiation, Conflict resolution, Africa, Women, Gender issues.


Women, world over play important role in preservation of culture and nurturing of peace. However it has been observed that in times of conflict women are not represented in peace negotiation and in planning and execution of post-conflict reconstruction efforts. This paper examines the place of women in the Catholic Church and the opportunities they have to engage in conflict resolution and peace building in the African context. The paper argues that in many areas of conflict women play a major role in keeping the communities from disintegrating even in the breakdown of the social fabric. It further argues that the Catholic Church as a leading advocate for empowerment of women has a major role to ensure that they are allowed to play a more significant role in conflict
resolution and peace building.


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