Assessing Digitization Readiness in Public Organizations

A Case Study of Kenya National Examinations Council


  • Leah Wangari Kiratu University of Nairobi
  • Samuel Ruhiu University of Nairobi


An education system geared towards critical thinking, problem solving and lifelong learning is a critical part of the innovation ecosystem in any country. The examination process is an important indicator of learning outcomes. In Kenya, Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC), which manages examinations, is required to provide accurate and timely information on national examinations to education stakeholders. However this role is hampered by the fact that most of information held by the agency is in hardcopy hence challenges of access, retrieval, analysis and dissemination. This paper reports on a study carried out to develop a digitization readiness model for assessing the preparedness of KNEC and by extension other public organizations to undertake successful digitization projects. After reviewing theories, the study developed a digitization readiness assessment model (DRAM) known as Comprehensive Digitization Assessment Model which includes organizational, IT governance, competency, technology and ICT security readiness indicators. The model was then validated through a survey at KNEC. Through a quantitative survey, the study sought to establish the preparedness of KNEC to carry out digitization using the Comprehensive Digitization Assessment Model. Using a purposive sampling targeting a population of 100 respondents’ data was collected by use of a questionnaire. Data was analyzed through frequencies, descriptive analysis and Principal Component Analysis. The analysis established an aggregation of success factors along three components; most critical, which address governance of ICT projects, critical that address control measures, and less critical are supportive components. The emergent digitization index for KNEC was 2.88, on a scale of 1 to 4, where 2.5 is the minimum expected level of readiness. DRAM is useful for decision-making and recommends sector wide approach towards digitization as a way to optimize resources


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