Telecommuting and ICTs in the Home


  • Paul Kilonzi Mwaniki


Telework and ICT-based home work (T/ICTs) is any type of work arrangement where workers are working remotely, away from the premises of an employer or a fixed location, using digital technologies such as networks, laptops, mobile phones and the Internet. It provides unparalleled flexibility in where and when staff work. In the context of developments in the world of work and the economy, T/ICTs has emerged, including digitalization, labor market flexibility, increased women's labor market participation and global competition. This paper has highlighted the background of Telecommuting and ICTs in the home, it looks into the Literature reviews on this area of knowledge, the methodology used is Literature analysis and evaluation, it gives results and discussions. Conclusions and recommendations on what could be done to improve on Telecommuting and ICTs at home.


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